Cardiff Cultural Journey – Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

Pierhead Building

The second place on my cultural journey is Cardiff Bay, and the day we went was the most beautiful weather, which emphasised the beauty of it. I had never been to the bay before and was really looking forward to going, as I had heard lots of good things about it. It took a while to get there from my halls, but it was worth the journey. Before we got to the seafront, I was a little disappointed because all I could see was restaurants but I soon understood why they were there. The building that really stood out to me was the Pierhead building, built with a bright orange brick which contrasted beautifully to the bright blue sky behind it. The detail in the architecture is incredible, and I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort was put into designing and building this magnificent structure. I find it particularly interesting that none of the buildings in the bay are similar at all, normally buildings in one area are quite similar because they were built around the same time. However this is not the case in Cardiff Bay, which gives it a uniqueness. Each building is a completely different colour and made from different materials, the Pierhead is brick, the Norwegian Church is timber and the Millennium Centre is striking with it’s copper oxide coated steel cladding. I would really like to spend time finding out more about the history of the bay and the buildings in it.


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