Cardiff Cultural Journey – Cardiff Market


My first drawings are from photos I took in The Closed Market, and I have focused in on a sweet stall. This was the stall that I was most drawn to when it caught my eye because of the bright variety of colours that it was displaying. I always like using a wide range of colours in my work, and I think this is why the sweet stall was my favourite in the market. The market as a whole had an old-fashioned feel to it, but in a positive way, and I think this is true of most markets wherever they are. It is a lovely feeling to walk into a place and not be met with all the bright lights and ‘perfection’ of the modern world. It may be a little inconvenient when you can’t find a price tag on an item but it means that you actually have to interact with another human being, which is not a bad thing in an era where almost everything is done electronically or automatically. I loved the way the sweet stall was set up, with each different type of sweet sat loose in a box, so customers can decide how much they want, rather than having to pick up a predetermined packet. I also really like the little yellow signs in each box, describing the sweets and their prices per 100g. I love how they are stamped rather than typed out on a computer. It gives it a unique and random feel, especially on the signs where a smaller stamp had to be used on the last half of the word to fit it on. I would really like to go back to the market soon, because I feel that I didn’t spend enough time there originally.


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