Lion Calligram

lion calligram

I was inspired to create this piece by a book I found in the library, ‘Alphabets: A Miscellany of Letters’ Introduction by David Sacks. I looked through this book and found it quite interesting how many different ways letters are used in everyday life, whether for artistic purposes or writing. I like how images can be created using letters and words, so I decided to make my own. I chose to create an image of a lion because they intrigue me, they are such majestic creatures. The words I used in the image all have something to do with lions, apart from a few small details that weren’t big enough to fit entire words. I am really pleased with the outcome, and I love how clear the waves in the mane are.


Sacks, D. and McCorquodale, D. (2010) Alphabets: A miscellany of letters. London: Black Dog Publishing London UK.

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