Life Drawing and Stitch

Although I am not a huge fan of life drawing, I know that it is an essential part of drawing and textiles. To be able to draw the body in its most natural form is very important. The reason I don’t enjoy it is because I do not feel particularly confident while drawing literally, I prefer doodles and cartoon-like imagery. I know that I need to work on proportions, and gain more confidence, not only in life drawing but all aspects of drawing.

Below are two drawing exercises that we did at the beginning of the session.

We also did other drawing exercises such as drawing with our opposite hand. I think the exercises helped me relax my hand and draw more freely after completing them.

In the afternoon we draped fabric over the model to create more interesting drawings. My favourite drawing is pictured below.


I am very proud of this drawing, in fact I think this is the best life drawing I have ever done, the proportions are very well done. I thought I would really struggle drawing the model with the drapes over her, and I did have to put a lot of concentration into it while I was drawing but the outcome is vastly better than I expected. In the future I think I need to continue working on proportions and drawing the hands, feet and the face.

The next day in the stitch workshop we used our life drawings to free machine embroider the model onto fabric, and ‘dress’ her using appliqué. I have previously done both of these techniques, but it had been a while since I had done appliqué. Below is a photo of one of my samples, I based it on my continuous line drawing.


I really like the idea of this sample, but it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. The thread outlining her body is very thin and quite difficult to see because it is glittery, I would use a matte thread if I were to do it again. Also the skirt did not gather very well, I think I needed to leave more thread to pull. However, I really like how I created her hair and the pink leotard is perfect. I think I will do more samples to improve on this in the near future.


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