Heat Transfer

In one of the dye workshops that we did, we learnt the technique of heat transfer. It is a very simple but effective technique, all you have to do is paint a design on paper with heat transfer inks, wait for it to dry and then use the heat press to transfer the design onto fabric. Below are photos of two samples I created that I think are the best of all the samples I did for this technique.

heat transfer 2
Here, the design was created with berries that I painted in various colours and dabbed onto the paper. I then blocked out a part of the design using some leaves while it was in the heat press. I am very pleased with the outcome of this design, the photo doesn’t show how effective it really was.
heat transfer
This fabric was dyed before I transferred the design. I dyed it yellow, then dipped one end of it into a green dye bath for a dip dye effect. The design was created with painted leaves being pressed onto the paper. I really like this sample, as the colours work well together. However, the transferred design is a little faint, I think this is because it was the second time transferring this design.

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