Before doing this technique, I saw some of the other group’s samples, and I was not sure what I thought of it. But after doing it myself, I discovered that I really like it. Below are a few samples I made.

This was made using one pence coins. I dyed it in a yellow bath first, then dipped one end into a green bath. I am really pleased with this sample, I really like how the green didn’t cover the whole area that I dipped into the dye and how the coins left a copper colour in places.
tie dye
This sample is a long thin piece of fabric that I tied three knots in, and I like how unpredictable the pattern is. I also really like the blue, as it is close to the colour that shibori is traditionally dyed, indigo.

These two images are from the same sample, which I cut in half and ironed one half. I liked the un-ironed but was intrigued to see what it would look like ironed and I was lucky to have enough to have both simultaneously. The ironed half is my favourite as you can see all the lines where the fabric was tied and areas that have less dye on them. I’m not sure where the blue areas came from but they contrast well with the pink and I am very happy with this sample.


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