Future Generations Conference

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th January 2016, I attended a conference at university to mark the beginning of our Field module; called Future Generations.
Monday consisted of two seminars, a panel discussion and a guest speaker. The seminars I attended were ‘Living Seas’ and ‘Utopias’. I found both seminars interesting, particularly ‘Living Seas’, which made me realise that looking after the environment includes the oceans as well as the land. Ocean life is extremely important and it is being destroyed by careless fishermen, as well as many other factors.

The guest speaker was David Hieatt, Co-founder of Huit Denim Co. He spoke about how he made his company successful by working in the future and being hungry for success. His talk made me really think about what I want to do with my career.
Tuesday was the day of workshops, which we selected at the end of the previous day. I participated in two, which to be completely honest, I did not see how they related to the seminars and lectures on Monday. However, I did enjoy them. The first I took part in was ‘Divining the Future through Masks and Rituals’ where we learnt a little about how masks have been used in the past, made our own masks from paper and parcel tape. We then thought about how masks may be used in the future, as there is no reason that they will stop being used. The second workshop I did was ‘The Sensory Chef’, where we dipped silk in wax. We were also supposed to fry the waxy silk in deep fat fryers, but we weren’t able to because by the time we got to it, they were needed to cook food.

I enjoyed taking part in the conference, however there were a few areas of it that needed improvement, especially the explanation of what was happening. I did learn from it and I am glad that I attended.