Screen Printing

Recently in the Print/Dye room I have learnt how to screen print. This includes exposing the image I want to print onto the screen. I have screen printed before but not exposed the screen so I was excited to learn how it is done. I chose to draw a crab surrounded by shells and seaweed, to keep to my sea theme.

My Exposed Screen

After exposing the screen, I printed with normal pigment onto some plain material:

I really like how I used two different colours, because they gently blend into each other and are make the print more interesting than just one colour.

This print is done in the same style as the one above, but I prefer the colours of this. I am very happy with the design, but I think that the lines may have needed to be a little bit thicker, as in some places it didn’t print properly.


Continuing with denim and the sea

 After doing a few samples on denim I decided that I wanted to make a small wall hanging using stitch, inspired by a beach.


I wanted the hanging to have two parts to it: some sea imagery and some beach imagery. Using my previous samples to inform me, I used the stitches and techniques that represented both parts the best. I used denim from an old pair of jeans that I no longer wear.


I am pleased with my wall hanging but there are definitely ways it can be improved. For example, the beach part is quite unorganised and needed a little more planning. However, I really like the top half, which represents the sea. I think each stitch represents waves well and the colours I chose match really well.

For my final piece I will do another wall hanging, quite similar to this one but improved and slightly bigger, as well as most likely one piece, rather than two joined together. It will also be finished properly with a backing. I will use a branch to hang it again, because I think it adds to the up-cycling theme.

Some samples…

Having decided on a theme of the sea after being inspired by the “Living Seas” seminar at the Future Generations Conference, I created a few samples based on this theme in the stitch room, after learning more techniques in our workshops:

“Under the Sea”

 This sample was made on one of the electronic machines, using the text function to write the phrase, and a selected stitch to do the border. I love this machine, as it can do so much so easily.

Frayed Layers of Stitch

 This sample was inspired by a piece the group was shown at the start of the module, which was a skirt with layers of denim, frayed on each edge. I tested various stitches and then stitched all the pieces together to create a small sample.

Field Collaboration 

We spent two weeks in collaboration with other Level 4 students across CSAD, where we made a small piece based on the brief we were given.

Our group was split into smaller groups of 5 or 6, and each was given an “Invisible City” from Italo Calvino’s novel to base our piece on. The city that we were given was “Andria”, a very organised, clockwork city that looked up to the constellations at night.

Here is an image of our finished piece:

 On the day all the groups put up their pieces, displayed in the Graphics Studio, we linked each city with wool according to their economic, social, environmental and cultural similarities. It ended up being a bit of a maze!
 I am glad we did this collaboration, as I got to meet students from other courses. However, I think slightly longer would have made it better as it felt very rushed. I’m looking forward to collaborating again with other students in field next year.

Up-Cycling Denim

For the first two weeks of our field module, we were given a brief within our subject to up cycle a pair of jeans. I had no problem finding a pair as I own so many, with lots that I don’t even wear anymore! At first I struggled to find something to do and created this: 
I enjoyed making this but later realised that it didn’t really have any direction and I couldn’t think how I would move on from this.

After talking to my tutor, a theme of seas came about; inspired by the ‘Living Seas’ seminar I attended during the ‘Future Generations’ conference. I did a few samples using some of the stitch techniques I have learnt at university so far.

 I spoke to my tutor again, who gave me some advice on where to go with the remaining denim I had, as I still wasn’t completely sure. I am now in the process of making a wall hanging, with ocean and beach imagery.