Continuing with denim and the sea

 After doing a few samples on denim I decided that I wanted to make a small wall hanging using stitch, inspired by a beach.


I wanted the hanging to have two parts to it: some sea imagery and some beach imagery. Using my previous samples to inform me, I used the stitches and techniques that represented both parts the best. I used denim from an old pair of jeans that I no longer wear.


I am pleased with my wall hanging but there are definitely ways it can be improved. For example, the beach part is quite unorganised and needed a little more planning. However, I really like the top half, which represents the sea. I think each stitch represents waves well and the colours I chose match really well.

For my final piece I will do another wall hanging, quite similar to this one but improved and slightly bigger, as well as most likely one piece, rather than two joined together. It will also be finished properly with a backing. I will use a branch to hang it again, because I think it adds to the up-cycling theme.


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