Foils, Flock and Puff

After screen printing with normal pigment, I learnt how to use foils, flock and puff binder. All three include heat at some point in the process, the foils and flock using the heat press and the puff using steam from an iron.

Copper Foil

 Foil is my favourite of these three techniques, because it is so simple yet it creates such a beautiful effect. I think choosing the copper foil was perfect for my design, as crabs have quite a coppery hue. Also, I think the foil works well with simple, thin lines.

Blue Flock

  This didn’t work so well, compared to the foil but it was useful to learn the technique. I think it would work better with thicker lines, because in places the flock is very thin and sparse. It could however just need more time in the heat press. I think it also looks a bit strange because of the colour, if I had the chance to flock this design again then I would try another colour, or possibly multiple colours.

Orange Puff Binder

 The puff binder is fascinating, watching how it rises with the steam is so intriguing. On some of my puff samples, I mixed two colours across the screen when I printed it, which gave a beautiful finish to the prints, as they were not just one solid block of colour.


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