Turning Drawings Digital

On Tuesday morning, we visited Roath Park conservatory to take photos and make some botanical drawings, which we would then use in Photoshop back at university in the afternoon. The conservatory is a lovely place with beautiful plants and whistling ducks as well as Terrapins, it was a really sunny day and I could have stayed there all day!

At first I struggled to get started on drawing, most likely because I had left it quite a while since last doing some drawing, as well as still being nervous about botanical drawing. Once I spotted something interesting to draw, I soon got back into it. I enjoyed sitting in the middle of all the exotic plants and greenery while drawing, and watching the ducks, fish and terrapins.

I was really surprised by what I found in the conservatory, it surely surpassed my expectations. It is amazing to have this resource in the city. It was also my first visit to Roath Park, and I will definitely be going back, especially next year when I will be living a short walk away!

After Lunch at the delightful Terra Nova Cafe in the park, we made our way back to university for an afternoon of transforming our drawings into digital images on Photoshop, taught by Professor Richard Western.

Here is my first finished digital image:

The images used to create the colours are microscopic images of various minerals. Microscopic images have recently become something I am intrigued to learn more about, when a friend studying biology uploaded a microscopic image of a plant stem on Instagram. It instantly caught my attention as it was so intricate, and the colours were beautiful (Link to Instagram post). I am very pleased with the outcome of this image as I have not used photoshop for a few years. I accidentally selected the lines of the drawing and filled them with a mineral image but I actually really like how it looks. I think the image could be improved however, as it is all yellows and greens, and it is difficult in places to differentiate between parts of the drawing. Just slightly changing the colour of the leaves to a less similar green would make the image easier on the eye. I hope to create more images like this in the near future.


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