My first experience of Adobe Illustrator 

Having never used Illustrator before, I was excited to go to the first workshop. In the morning we went through the basics of Photoshop, which I had previously used in school for a photography qualification, but it was good as a refresher and there are some differences between the version I previously used and the one used now.

We spent some time learning about some of the tools in Illustrator and then experimented with drawing and creating patterns.

I was surprised at how quick and easy the software is to use once you know how, and I am definitely keen to learn more and play in my spare time. I like the above pattern, however it is very simplistic in terms of the shapes and colours. Also, I don’t like the part on the petals where three of them are quite pointed. At the time, I couldn’t work out how to round them off. In hindsight, I think using a different tool may have been better to create this effect. Additionally, I like how it looks like tiles because of the purple squares behind the flowers, but feel this may be suited better to a design that isn’t floral.

I am very happy with this design, as I was just playing around with different tools and came across a gradient in the stroke colours, which looks really effective. However, some of the stars don’t line up exactly, and I think it is just a case of being more precise when creating the pattern, making sure they are all an equal distance from each other and at the same angle. I think also adding a light background colour may also add to the pattern. Hopefully as I learn more in workshops and in my spare time I will improve my skills and be able to create better looking and well executed designs.


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