Learning more in Illustrator

In our second digital workshop, we learnt how to create floral patterns and simple repeats in illustrator. It was a little confusing at first, but once I had got the hang of it I really enjoyed creating patterns.

Here is the first pattern that I created:

floral patterns

I was very happy with this pattern as a first attempt, as I had quite a bit of trouble making the petals repeat at first! I like the two different flowers in the pattern, but now feel that they don’t work quite so well together, as one has thin and delicate petals and the other has large petals. I like the colour palette but those three colours are the ones I always seems to choose when I’m doing something quickly, I would like to expand my colour use to more than just pink, purple and blue.

geo floral

Above is a pattern that I did in my spare time after the workshop, which I much prefer to the first. Having got slightly more used to the tools in illustrator I have been able to create a much better pattern. I changed the stroke effect, giving the outlines a gradient towards the middle of the shapes. I think using the same shape in different sizes and colours works well, however I think the small yellow shapes need a slightly lighter tint.

I am looking forward to learning more in future workshops and being able to experiment and play more on illustrator.


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