Learning about Colour

Colour is a very important aspect of textiles, and should be considered as one of the first aspects when undertaking a project.

Yesterday we learnt about colour theory, colour forecasting, colour palettes (including Pantone) as well as being reminded of colour terminology, adding some new words to my vocabulary.

It was interesting to learn about colour forecasting, as I didn’t realise that popular colours were predicted as well as trends. I would like to learn more about forecasting, as it seems almost magical how they are able to predict what will be popular in over a year’s time. I also learnt more about colour palettes, having not known how many different types there were. I am excited to use the ones I haven’t before, such as split complementary and triadic. The lecture was very useful and I learnt a lot, and from now on I will be thinking more about the reasons why I am using certain colours, not just because it looks pleasing to the eye. This will hopefully help to improve my work, as I consider it more carefully.


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