Drawing myself on Photoshop and Illustrator

In another workshop with Steve, we learnt how to draw over a photo of ourselves in Photoshop, using the pen tool to draw the shapes, each on a separate layer, and the eyedropper tool to add accurate colour to each feature. I added in some more detail on my hair after all the basic shapes were completed as one block of colour for my hair did not show the variation in colour within my hair. For my glasses, I used the gradient tool to make them as accurate as possible, because they are almost transparent at the bottom.cartoon beth

I really like this image, as it is a really simple but effective technique, and I enjoyed the process of creating it. I may go back and add more detail to some parts of it, because apart from the hair, everything is one block of colour. I hope to use this technique in the future, as I enjoyed doing it, and think it works very well.

We also worked over the same image in Illustrator, using the brush tool, with a calligraphy brush stroke to create the thick lines. I really like how the technique is so simple but it turns into a very nice image. I tried multiple brush strokes but I decided that this was the best for the image.

callig beth

I decided that I wanted to add colour to the image, and did so by still using the brush tool. I changed the brush stroke to a charcoal one, and used the eyedropper tool to get a good colour match on each part of the image. I did one line of colour in each part of the image, which I really like the effect of. It is very simplistic but works well. I think if it was blocks of colour filling the whole image it would be too much for the style of the drawing. callig beth colourI like the Illustrator images more than the Photoshop one, because the lines are more flowing and like a drawing, and it was easy to do once I got used to the speed of the mouse. I also prefer the lines of colour rather than the blocks of colour, because it just gives an idea of what the original image was, rather than quite an accurate representation.


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