Mood Board and Colour Board

Here is my completed mood board and colour board for Re-E-val-U-8:

I created both boards in Photoshop, which I had had previous experience of, so had no problem getting started. After my original mood board got too busy with too many items on it, I decided to start a completely new document. My second and final mood board is a big improvement on the first one, and I really like how I’ve arranged it to look like a room, with the objects on the drawers and lights ‘hanging’. I put the pattern in the background halfway across because when it was completely covering the background, it was too overwhelming and took over the whole board.

For my colour board, I chose items that featured colours that I wanted to use in my work. I then used the eyedropper tool to select each colour and inserted it into a square across the top. Then I compared each colour I had selected to Pantone colours and choose the one that was the most similar. I wrote both the Pantone and CMYK references across the top of each colour box. I really like both of the boards, and was impressed that I remembered so much about Photoshop, as I had not used it for a couple of years.


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