Blending Photos

In Friday’s workshop, we learnt how to blend two photos together in photoshop. I did this by bringing a second photo (the chair) in, on a new layer, and placing it where I wanted it to blend into the first photo (the bookshelf). Then I lowered the opacity on the second photo, made a mask over the layer, and used the gradient tool on the mask to create the fading effect. I then raised the opacity back to 100% to complete it.

These were a couple of the first ones I made, where I was using photos relating to my theme, but they didn’t work so well. It just looked like a piece of furniture had been stuck on top of another, and was very obviously edited.

I feel that using landscape photos was much more successful, as it is a lot easier to blend two photos into one using natural images. I selected the images I used from Pinterest, as I didn’t have any of my own photos on my USB stick. I think the image with the houses in works very well. In the original, there is a beach at the bottom of the image, but with the greenery over the top of it, someone who hadn’t seen the original wouldn’t be able to tell. It is even less obvious in the image with the lake, as there could genuinely be greenery at the edge of the lake. The image with the sheep could be improved, because the top of her head starts to disappear, looking a bit ghost-like. Just changing the gradient and placement of the image could quite easily improve it. I am impressed with this technique, as it is so effective if you use the right images.


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