The designs that didn’t make it!

Below are most of the designs that I created that didn’t make it into the final six. There is a definite improvement from start to finish!

These are the first three patterns I made, with our tutor, Lucy Richardson, helping to create the first one. After being shown how to make the shape in Illustrator, I got on my way experimenting with other tools. I didn’t choose any of these patterns because they were ones I just made while getting used to Illustrator, and I had gone off them when it came to choosing the final designs. However, I am impressed how professional they look, as I made them with hardly any experience of the program.

This series of patterns originated from a hand drawing of a metal tea set. I played with using shapes to break up the pattern, but decided I didn’t like the pattern itself. This was partly because of the black outline, as black does not feature on my colour board. I also felt that it didn’t really fit in well with the other designs I had created.

These designs used a shape I saw in a mid-century bookcase and a clock. My favourite of these is the second, where the grey clocks are on top of the yellow and brown. If I could have chosen another design to be included in my final designs, that would have been the one, because it includes the clock shape but also just because I love it.


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