Illustrator Final Designs

Below are my four final designs that I created in Illustrator for the digital brief:

Illustrator final design 1 lampshade clockThe design above was based on some lampshades, that feature in my mood board. At first, the shapes had straight edges, but I soon realised that this did not fit in with the rest of my designs, which were more organic and rounded. I also added in the background some shapes based on clocks which are the main feature in another one of my final designs, which links the designs together. I didn’t really like the original version of this design, but once I had made the shapes more rounded, I definitely began to like it more. After adding in the clock shapes in the background, I decided that I actually quite liked the design, it just needed a bit of tweaking to improve it.Illustrator final design 2 typewriter paperQuite obviously, this design uses typewriters as inspiration. Both the typewriters were hand drawn and scanned into the computer, because I didn’t like how the image was changed when changed into a vector from the photo. Although I’ve only used three main colours in this design, it may look as if I’ve used more because I have changed the transparency in different parts of the typewriters in order to get a slightly lighter tint, without straying from my chosen colours that are on my colour board. I really like this design, and although it is the only one in my collection that features hand drawn images, I think it fits in well with the rest of my designs.Illustrator final design 3 clocksThis design used mid-century clocks as the base for the shapes used. Clocks from that era are really interesting to me, as they are never the same shape, never just circular or square. This particular one is like a rounded triangle, and to me looks a bit like a pebble shape. In the original design, the shapes only had colour on the outline, and the design was very dull, because the grey background was the main colour visible. So I added colour, which gave the design the boost it needed, and then added the smaller shapes inside the yellow, blue and brown shapes, just to add that little bit more detail. For a little while, I didn’t really like this design, because to me it seemed very basic and simple. I think I had a case of ‘everyone else’s work is better than mine’ I came round to liking the design when I used the clock shape in my other designs, and realised that it fitted in well and it wasn’t so awful after all.Illustrator final design 4 lamp base clockThis is my final Illustrator design, which also uses the clock shapes in a tiny arrangement, between the bigger shapes, which were based on the base of a lamp. I changed the shape so that the top and bottom halves of the lamp base swapped. I then made multiple designs and experimenting with different colour-ways, involving both the clock and lamp shapes, and finding what looked best. I love the colour combination in this design, and I think that the mustard yellow in the background finishes off the design perfectly. I also love that in most of my designs, it it difficult to tell where the shapes I have used originated from.


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