Photoshop Final Designs

Below are my two final designs, created on Photoshop:phone pattern colour rgbThe above design was inspired by the dial on mid-century telephones, which is a very pleasing circular shape. After realising that most of my Illustrator designs didn’t feature the red and blue that are on my colour board, I decided that I wanted to include them in my Photoshop designs. In fact, both my Photoshop designs include all six of the colours on my colour board. I really like this design, as it is very pleasing to the eye, because of the circular shapes being perfectly lined up with each pattern rgbFor this design, old radios were the inspiration. I played with scale and rotation, and originally wasn’t going to add the speakers and knobs, but once I did, I felt that it finished them off; whereas before it looked a bit incomplete and slightly nineties, and not as interesting. I am very pleased with both of these designs, as I struggled at the start, wondering how I would make patterns in Photoshop when I was used to doing it in Illustrator.


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