Visiting the Botanic Garden of Wales

Yesterday we visited the Botanic Garden of Wales for the second time. This time, we went primarily to display our denim work in their exhibition space. The piece I was displaying was my final piece for the project. I was very pleased to have my piece chosen for the exhibition, and it looks great amongst everyone else’s work.

It didn’t take long to hang my piece because it just needed a nail in the wall, but after I was done, I helped others hang theirs and helped to position the statements above each piece. The exhibition looks very professional and well executed, and after I uploaded a photo of my piece to my Facebook page, the gardens shared it onto their page!

After displaying the exhibition, we had the rest of the day to explore the gardens. We visited the cafe for a coffee, and then went on to explore. Everything was so much more colourful than the visit in November! It was still cold but much more bright and interesting!

Above I’ve inserted some photos of plants inside the glasshouse and tropical house. I forgot how much I love colourful flowers, especially the tiny ones that together make a beautiful display. All of the plant life at the gardens is so beautiful and different from what you would normally see in Britain, and I love to look at how the colours blend into each other and compliment and contrast so naturally.


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