Evaluation and looking to the future

How do you respond to research?

At first, I carefully look through what I have collected, and then decide which elements/artists I am most interested in. Then I will often make something in the same style (most likely a sample), adapting elements of the design into my own work. I like to work out how things are created or made too, as I find construction of things quite interesting.

What kind of designer do you aspire to be?

I would like to work within either the Interior or Paper industry, within an in house design team, like Paperchase. I think a while into my career, I would possibly like to set up my own business, but that is a long way off!

What have been your best creative experiences to date?

The first thing I thought of when I read this question was my Final Major Project for my foundation diploma, because it was the first project I had done where I could choose the subject matter, and I had free reign (to a certain extent) on what I created. I made a range of products for interiors, which at the time is what I had my heart set on as what I wanted to progress to for my career. As well as this, the digital project in first year was a time where I learnt a lot of new ‘techniques’ so to speak on Photoshop and Illustrator, which will really help my future projects to become more professional. I was really pleased with the outcome of that project and really want to delve back into that world.

What are your strengths?

I think I am strong in stitch, and digital. Both of these will obviously develop as I continue to work in those areas. I would like to become stronger in print, and I think the reason for not being so confident in this area is because it takes a while to get set up and learn new techniques, whereas in the other two areas, it is almost instant; so I have had less time to experiment in print. I would like to incorporate more print into my work, because last year the majority of it was stitch based. In terms of design, I think I work better when using simplistic shapes and drawings, as I become impatient with intricate details.

Which areas of the market really interest you?

As I said in a previous question, I am most interested in Interiors and Paper.

Interiors: I am interested in interiors for the home, rather than the workplace etc. side of the industry. I am also interested in the aspects of interior design that aren’t textiles, like ceramics and the overall design of the furniture within a room. I like to see the completed room rather than just one or two elements of it.

Paper: I am interested in surface pattern for stationery and gift wrap too. I need to find out more about the industry as I don’t know much about it and I have mainly focused on interiors up until now.

Designing for 2D or 3D surfaces?

Both! Designing for 2D is easier in certain aspects but as I am interested in the construction of objects, I can see myself designing for 3D too (and interiors is mostly 3D!).