My Top 3 Companies

Paper: Paperchase

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I chose Paperchase because it sells such varying products and collections, which change quite often. All of the collections that are sold are quite bright and colourful, but differ in imagery. Some are illustrative and sketchy (e.g. Woodland Tails) whereas others are simple and cartoon-like (e.g. Doughtnutz). Paperchase also collaborates with other companies, creating collections together (e.g. A-Z Collection).

Environmental Stance

Paperchase marks all electrical products that can be recycled with the crossed out wheelie bin symbol, to remind customers to recycle these items rather than throw them into general waste. Any water bottles that Paperchase sells do not contain BPA (a industrial chemical used to make Polycarbonate). They manufacture their bottles using Copolyester, a similar plastic to Polycarbonate that doesn’t have BPA as an ingredient. Paperchase work with all their suppliers to ensure that they manufacture paper products that are FSC accredited. They have also just introduced a completely recycled range in conjunction with the Evening Standard, using old newspapers to manufacture great Stationery lines.

Interiors: Scion

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I chose Scion because it was a company who I had not heard of, but I had come across their products before. Once I realised that I liked their style, I wanted to look at the company in more depth. They have quite a wide range of products, designing for both adults and children. The collections for adults are sophisticated yet youthful (e.g. Mr Fox) and the collections for kids are bright and colourful but still appeal to the targeted parents (those looking for a slightly more upmarket design).

Environmental Stance

Their printed fabrics site in the North West of England (Standfast and Barracks factory) has a natural source of water for cloth preparations and finishes; as it is situated on the banks of the River Lune. The site also has an effluent pre-treatment plant and was granted an environmental permit by the Environment Agency in 2003. Scion’s wallpapers are sourced from organisations that source pulp from certified, sustainable forests that are accredited to FSC and/or PEFC forestry certification. The site where wallpapers are produced are equally environmentally responsible. They are made by Anstey Wallpaper Company in the East Midlands of England. They comply with all relevant environment legislation and are ISO 9000 accredited. Waste inks and paper are recycled wherever it is possible in all factories, and they have tight controls over energy use.

Fashion: Needle & Thread

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I chose Needle & Thread because the sheer amount of embroidery on each garment really impressed me. A lot of work must go into every single item of clothing, and I really admire that. They have garments ranging from skirts and bomber jackets to bridal wear. Each design has a simplicity in the pattern but also a complexity in the beading and embroidery.

Environmental Stance

After searching on Needle and Thread’s website, looking for information on their Environment and Ethics policies, I found no information. I contacted them to find out whether they could inform me further, but all I got in return was an email saying that they could not assist me in my research.


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