Hypothetical Design Commission Brief

The company I chose to write my HDCB for is Scion.  After researching on WGSN, I realised that I wanted to design for kids for this brief. I chose them because I had come across their products before but was unaware that they sell products for kids. This is a shortened version of my brief:

The children’s interior market appealed to me because I like the simplicity that comes with most designs for children (quite basic shapes, bright colours). I chose boys in particular, because after research, I found that there is a lot more variety with what can be designed. For example, Scion’s range for boys includes animals and submarines, whereas the girls range is floral and dolls, with both collections including a large proportion of pink in the colour palettes. As a girl myself, I feel fed up with that sort of colour palette, and I wanted to go somewhere different. I also feel that there are less products available for boys. I have chosen the theme of ‘Gardening with Dad’ for my collection, which could include insects and creepy crawlies, garden tools and home grown vegetables. My client fits with Scion’s direction because they have only recently released their children’s ranges, so will be looking to expand the range. My theme fits as the insects element relates to their ‘Animal Magic’ collection, where a similar design could be created using different creatures.

My collection will be designed for young boy’s bedrooms, but could possibly also be used in playrooms. Products may include bedding, curtains, wallpaper, cushions and other small furnishings. The theme includes quite a wide range of possible designs, with the overarching theme focusing on a boy’s relationship with his father, while discovering the great outdoors. The idea for the theme came after some research on WGSN, where I saw trend predictions for textiles, kids rooms and kids prints and graphics. All of these predicted quite rustic outdoorsy interiors, including insects and outside games in the prints and graphics predictions. I will research more into processes I could use to create a rustic/aged/homemade feel, which may include techniques that could be done by a child. I would like to include a small amount of stitch to complement the print in my collection, but as I am designing for boys I may have to choose very carefully how and where it is used.


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