Home Truths Briefing

On Tuesday, we had our first Field session, and we started off in the National Museum of Wales. At first, we looked around the museum for an object or painting that reminded us of home. I found two paintings that did this for me, describing two elements of home in my life (explanations are in the captions).

After this, we sat down for our briefing. This is where we found out what the Home Truths project will entail. By the end of the project, I should have created/designed a series of 6 narrative plates, relating to the idea of home. I really like the theme of the project, because already it has made me think about where my home is. I have realised I don’t associate one particular place as my home, as I have moved around a lot as a child. There are places I have lived more recently where I could go back and feel like I am at home, but I don’t feel that way about the places I lived as a younger child.

After the briefing, we discussed everyone’s ideas of home in small groups (I talked about what I said above) and had a whistle stop tour of the ceramics in the museum. I took a couple of photos of some objects I liked.


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