Artist Research – Robert Dawson

Dawson has created a few plates/collections that are blurred or distorted, making them mysterious. This interests me as I think that my theme will involve memories; some of which are very faint and the blurring and distortion are a good representation of this.

Willow Pattern with Uncertainty, print on bone china, dia. 27 cm, 2003

In all three plates, Dawson has taken images willow patterns and changed them, probably editing the image digitally and then applying using decalle transfers. In the first image, only some of it is blurred, making it slightly mysterious.

Spin, print on bone china, each plate dia. 27 cm, 2010

I really like how this series gets more blurred as it goes on. It reminds me of a washing machine on a spin cycle!


Can you walk from the garden, does your heart understand, print on bone china, each plate dia. 27 cm, 1996

Here Dawson has taken parts of the willow image and blown them up, spreading them across the series of plates. If one of the plates is viewed separately, you get a skewed view of the image.

Images taken from


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