From drawing to digital stitch

One of the first things I drew after deciding on my theme was this bumblebee below. I chose to draw him because I knew I wanted insects to be an focus point in the project, and a bee was a) the first thing that popped into my head and b) a very integral part of a garden.

Original Drawing

During our stitch workshops, the group was split into two, where the first group would learn digital stitch with Maggie in the morning and the second group in the afternoon. When we weren’t learning digital stitch, we created something using the skills we had already learnt in first year. I decided to create a bee, as at that point it was one of the only drawings I had to do with my theme. I like him but the fabric has been pulled in a few places because it is very thin.

Free machine embroidery using dissolvable fabric

Below is my first attempt at digital stitch –  and of course it’s a bee! I think he turned out quite well for a first try, apart from the small gaps between the black and yellow and where I accidently cut the bobbin thread underneath one of his anntenae, causing it to come loose. The gaps were not an issue to fix – just a case of moving the shapes around on the software to make sure they overlapped.

My first attempt at digital stitch

Below is my second, and much improved, attempt at digital stitch. I used a slightly thicker fabric to avoid the puckering that happended the first time, and did the embroidery hoop up as tight as I could! After moving the shapes on the software, Maggie helped me to add an effect that looks like fuzz – where the black creeps in on top of the yellow. I am really pleased with this outcome as I was a bit disheartened after the first one. I look foward to learning more in the future.

My second attempt at digital stitch

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