Specialist Mark Making Techniques

On Tuesday, we learnt more mark making techniques during a lecture with Helen. After the lecture we put what we had just learnt into practice, trying out some of the new techniques. Here are some of my favourites!

Embroidery Effect

I really like the outcome of this, as it really does look like applique! However, I will probably re-do this particular one as I realised after that I’d got the yellow and black the wrong way around! Also, it will give me a chance to get the ‘stitches’ more uniform, as some of them are longer/thicker than others.


Spattering is so simple! All there is to it is cutting a stencil and spraying some paint over it with an old toothbrush or a paintbrush! I really like both the negative space where the stencil was and the stencil itself, which I have kept. I used different tones of green to make it more interesting.


I love how these stamps look quite mysterious yet fun, because of the quite basic shape. In hindsight I should have washed my hands between each time I stamped so there wouldn’t be black marks everywhere!

India Ink ‘Woodblock’ Technique

This was a second attempt at this technique, as the first time I didn’t read the instructions properly and ended up washing most of the original paint away! It still did that slightly on this attempt, but it worked much better than the first time. I like the sense of texture that this technique gives.

I think the first three techniques suit my theme very well, as they could easily be used as imagery for children. Stamping in particular, as I am going to try techniques such as potato printing in the near future.


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