On Thursday, we learnt how to glaze ceramics. I glazed my pieces from the wet on clay workshop where we used slip to decorate leather hard terracotta clay (which I forgot to take photos of before they were fired!) To glaze the tiles, I dipped the side with the designs on in the liquid glaze. They will now be fired again, which will make the glaze transparent. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished tiles.

We also did on glaze painting, on terracotta tiles that had already been biscuit fired. I dipped it in the liquid glaze and left it to dry for half an hour so it was slightly dry when I went to paint on it. I then returned to it, and painted on top of the glaze.

img_1396-1I have continued with my theme on my workshop tiles, creating imagery that represents parts of houses. They are not specific parts of houses that I have lived in, but still relate to my theme.


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