Lino print bee!

In the print room, I decided to keep my bee motif going. I wanted to try lino printing because I haven’t done it for a long time, but remembered that it gives a texture, which is what I wanted. My first few were not great because I put too much ink on the lino, meaning that it spread into the bits I had carved out.


The photo above is of my best prints, which I have mounted. I like how with lino printing, no two prints are the same, because it relies on the amount of ink put on the lino, and the pressure the printer puts on it when using the roller. The most successful out of these three is the bottom one, as the background is evenly textured and the outline of the bee is very clear. I also did some yellow prints but the bee didn’t show up very well as the colour of the fabric was too similar to the yellow.

The lino that I printed with

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