My final 6 plate designs

After much consideration and a discussion with Matt (a ceramics technical demonstrator), I decided to use decalle transfers for my final designs. This is because I want to ‘blur’ the first few images of the houses I lived in when I was very young, as I do not remember them. My discussion with Matt led me to understand that to achieve that in a glaze would take a lot of experimenting with opaque and coloured glazes. This takes a while, and the deadline does not really allow for me to do this, especially as I have no previous experience in this area of ceramics. Perhaps if I had longer to make my final plates then it would have been a possibility. Also, as I have knowledge of Photoshop (the programme where the decalle transfers are generated) I knew how to blur the images how I wanted them. I knew that as far as the generation of the images and the printing of them was concerned, I had complete control of how they would turn out (unlike if I chose to do underglaze painting).

Below are my scanned in drawings that I edited in Photoshop, I’m going to leave the final images until they’re on the plates!

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