Colour Theory

On Tuesday, we had a second session on colour theory (the first being the brief one we had at the end of first year). This one was much more thorough and at the end I could actually remember what most of the terms meant! After the lecture, we then had to go and mix our own colours, to complete a variety of exercises, using only red, blue yellow, black and white. Now I have something to reference to in the future.

Colour Wheel
Greyscale – I also did versions of this with the three primary colours
Complementary Colours
Mixture Band – add purple to the yellow until it becomes the purple
Harmonies – with tints and shades added
Contrasting colours
Discordant colours

Some of the colours haven’t been picked up very well by the scanner – I promise the warm to cold and cold to warm aren’t just red, blue and black! There are others that also aren’t as bold as in real life.


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