Vegetable prints

I drew a design for a screen featuring some vegetables that you would commonly find growing in a garden. As well as the potatoes and mushrooms you can see below, it also had a carrot and a pea pod. When it came to printing, I decided to cover those two with tape because I didn’t want to print that many vegetables at the same time.


I liked the slight overlap in the print featuring both the potatoes and the mushrooms, so I decided to keep doing it in the next ones.


The mushroom print is a little too busy, I think I needed a system where I could work out exactly where I was printing, as I couldn’t see once I had put the screen down.


I like this print, but the potatoes look a bit strange by themselves. I think this is because they are quite big with a lot of space inside them, so they either need more detail or something smaller like the mushrooms to go with them.


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