Updated Mood Boards

After a couple of tutorials, it was decided that three out of my four mood boards needed changing a little, as they mostly didn’t represent children (my target market) and the colours I chose were too mature for my targeted age range.


For my theme board, I removed the dark features such as the grey sky and the shed (which was a bit dilapidated) and added in new bright and vibrant images suitable for children. I did this while also keeping some of the features from the original theme board, such as the vegetables and the soil.


I kept my colour board mostly the same, just replacing the grey sky with a blue one and adding the watering can and a couple of insects. I also changed the colours, which are mostly the same colours but different tones, because before they were quite dark and not suitable for children. Now they are brighter, and in line with the sort of colours that Scion uses in their children’s ranges.


For my client board, I needed to change it to represent the boys I am aiming my products at, whereas before it represented their parents’ lifestyle. I kept a couple of images from the original, and I think this is a much better representation than the previous board.


This board didn’t change, but I added a border around the edge so it matched the others. The borders give the mood boards a more professional feel.


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