A Reflection of Term One of Second Year – Home Truths

At the start of the project, I was a little nervous to be in an area of Art and Design that I had little experience in; but I chose Home Truths because I had an interest in ceramics for interiors, because that is the area I am most interested in in Textiles. When I learnt that what we would be doing was surface decoration on the plates, I was very happy as surface decoration is the main focus in my subject area.

After some research and thinking about what home meant to me, my main idea was to draw all the houses that I have lived in, as a lot of memories have taken place in them – which happened to be six, exactly the amount the brief asked for! The first couple of houses however, I had little to no memory of them, as I was under five years old when I lived there. I wanted to incorporate this into my designs somehow. I really liked the technique of underglaze painting, so I spoke to Matt (a technical demonstrator in ceramics) about whether there would be a way to create a glaze that was translucent, so you could see the image, but not clearly. He said it would be possible if there were more time to do lots of test tiles, and as I would want it to get more and more transparent as my memories get clearer it would take a while to get right, and there just wasn’t enough time for that. So I decided to use decalle transfers. I drew a line drawing of each house, from photos that my parents had provided me with, and then scanned them to edit on photoshop. For the houses I have little memory of, I used the eraser tool with a large blur on it to erase any areas I didn’t remember. I then added a colour in behind each house, which were my favourite colours at the time I was living in them. I also put a small transfer on the back of each plate, which says the street name of the house.

I’m pleased with the outcome of this project, but also surprised at myself. I didn’t think I would put such a personal feel into a project, as normally I create things that are very commercial. It is a nice change from the norm, and I will strongly consider using ceramics in the future.


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