Journey to Rajasthan

On Sunday we began our travels to India, which involved a 3 hour drive to Heathrow, an 8 hour flight to Delhi and then a further 6 hour drive to Jaipur! We were in for a lot of sitting around! We left the university campus at 1.30pm to catch our flight at 7.20pm. Unfortunately, on the way to London we found out that our flight was delayed for 3 hours! This gave us plenty of time to waste once we had checked in and got through security, so we did some shopping and ate dinner.

Then came the flight! As it was an overnight flight, the aim was to sleep through it all but that didn’t quite happen because I struggle to sleep anywhere that isn’t a bed. So I watched movies between phases of attempting sleep – I managed to catch up on some I’d missed in the cinema! When we finally landed all was well until we went to collect our bags, as mine was missing! After initial panic I realised there was an identical bag with a transfer tag on it, meaning that someone had probably taken mine in a hurry (due to the 3 hour delay) to get to their next flight. We went to the baggage enquiry desk and put in a report of lost baggage and 3 hours later after a lot of going backwards and forwards my bag was finally found!

We finally left Delhi airport at around 4pm (6 hours later than originally planned!) to drive to Jaipur. We were given flower garlands as a traditional Indian welcome from our tour guide.

Delhi 23-01-2017, 16 44 21.jpg

After about 3 hours we stopped to have dinner at a restaurant at the side of the road, where I had my first real Indian curry. I chose to have steamed rice, butter chicken and a plain naan. It was delicious! After dinner, we continued the bus journey to Jaipur. We eventually arrived at around 11pm, where we checked in, went up to our rooms and went straight to bed! It was a long two days and I had never been more thankful for a bed!



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