Elephant Poo Paper, more Block Printing and Pottery!

The second day of the trip was one I was looking forward to, because of our first activity – making paper out of elephant poo! Everyone got a go at making their own piece of paper, and even though I’ve made paper before I still struggled to get it right first time! The paper doesn’t smell at all, if you weren’t told it was made from elephant poo, you wouldn’t know! After learning about the process, we all had a traditional home cooked meal upstairs – which was delicious! It was lovely to have the chance to try Indian food not served in a restaurant. Then when lunch was over, Vijendra (the owner of the business) told us the story of how the factory came to be and we were able to buy some of their products.

Stacks of Elephant Poo Paper!

In the afternoon, we visited two factories. The first was a block printing factory, where we saw the technique from the Anokhi museum on a larger scale, and also saw completed fabrics. The speed of the workers printing was very impressive and amazing to watch. Some of us had a go at printing, and got to keep our prints!

Then we visited ‘Blue Pottery Factory’ where we saw workers filling moulds, drying out pottery and painting ceramics. The painting was fascinating to watch – they did it so quickly with such detail!


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