Miniature Painting, Gardens and Tie Dye

On our last day of organised activities, we first went to a miniature painting workshop. Here we learnt the techniques used to create miniature paintings. The paintbrushes we used were made from chipmunk tail hair (just cut off I hope!) and the colour of the paint from rocks. As you can see I’m definitely not up to the standard of the experts but it was an interesting experience!

Next, we went to the City Gardens of Udaipur, a place with a variety of plant life, water fountains and trees. It was a peaceful place within a busy city and lovely to spend some time just wondering around.

The final thing we did was visit a family who own a shop which sells tie dyed products. We got to see their workshop and how they dye fabric. As a textiles student, I was very interested in the process. We watched how the knots are tied, how the dye mix is made and how it is dipped in the dye. The end result was very impressive, and after we went to their shop which had an array of scarves, jackets, trousers and lots more!

Knots in the Pre-Dyed Fabric
Halfway through the Dying Process
Finished Tie Dye Piece

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