Josef Frank at the Fashion and Textiles Museum

On Wednesday, I took a visit to London with a couple of other students. The primary aim of the trip was to visit the Fashion and Textile Museum, where there is currently an exhibition displaying the work of Josef Frank.

The view of the exhibition from above

The colours in Frank’s work were so vibrant and felt so modern – it was hard to believe that it was created so long ago!

I loved how he used simple shapes, yet made them look bright and interesting, with different tones and shades within the designs. The variety in colour use is also inspiring, as some designs have one main colour (such as the leafy green design above) and others have lots of different contrasting colours.

It was also interesting to see that next to some of the lengths of fabric, the original croquis designs had been displayed. Having just learnt about croquis designs, it was good to see them being used in the real design world.

Swedish Design

There was also a room in the museum with a display of Swedish design. As soon as I walked into the room I felt like I was in IKEA! It made me realise that there is a distinct Swedish style of design, making me want to look into other areas of design, to see if there are distinct styles from other countries/areas.


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