Croquis Designs

After learning what a croquis design is, and what purpose it serves (a rough draft, which most textile designs are first created as, only implying repeat), the group was set a task to complete a set of painted croquis designs. I used a caterpillar motif, linking my croquis’ to my theme.

My original design used quite bright colours, so for my two colour ways, I wanted to use more muted tones; as different clients would be looking for a different feel. For the mixed media design, I used the same colours as my original design, with tissue paper and fabric. I liked the texture this gave the design.

There are some improvements that I would make to my designs, the first being eyes! The caterpillars look a bit life and characterless, which is a bit strange for a children’s range. Also, on the designs where the legs and antenna are black, they stand out, being the place where the eye is drawn to first. The grey colour on colour way 2 is more subtle and looks better.

I really like my bee design, I think the simplicity works well; as well as the colours. The one improvement I would make is the drop in the pattern, but as croquis are only an indication of repeat, it isn’t too much of an issue. I like the ladybird design, but again it has no eyes, making it a bit characterless. I also had a bit of an issue getting used to using a ruling pen to get a thin outline!

Croquis are a very good way of creating a design without it being a perfect repeat, taking a lot less time and giving you an idea of whether it is a successful design or not.


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