Chelsea Harbour Interior Showrooms

On Thursday, the whole Level 5 cohort took a trip down to London, primarily to visit Chelsea Harbour Interior Showrooms. The building itself was beautiful, comprised of three atriums with the showrooms around the edges over multiple floors.

I found myself particularly drawn to fabrics with stitch on them, because I enjoy texture. I had forgotten how much I like to feel fabrics! I spent a lot of time making oohs and aahs at the feel of materials throughout the day. The first things I saw which I loved were the cushions pictured below – I loved the colours and style of imagery, and could imagine owning this pair!

Something I saw a lot of was textured carpets/rugs, where the height of the carpet varies to create interesting shapes and shadows, and they were mostly geometric. I also really loved this feather covered wall!

These fabrics really reminded me of Josef Frank’s designs, with the bright, contrasting colours!


I loved both of these fabrics, and I think the one with the pink background was my favourite of the whole day! I loved how the pattern was created with a straight stitch, just up and down, creating a rough outline to the motifs – as well as adoring the colours. I like the floral fabric because of all the embroidery stitches used – it would have never occurred to me to design something using only hand stitching.







The orange and blue cushions stood out to me because of the colours – they work well alongside the designs, as well as the trims (which I am really attracted to!). I loved the floral cushions, as they reminded me of cross stitch, which is becoming popular again! It also reminded me of a pixelated image, a simplified version of a picture – but not normally done on purpose! I really wanted to get myself one of these!

I also came across these designs, from a collection called ‘Jaipur’. It reminded me of my time in Jaipur during the second field module, and I think the essence of Jaipur was captured within the collection.

I fell in love with this chair! The foiling combined with the blue teal colour are to die for – there were so many things at the showrooms I wanted to buy!


I think the day at the Chelsea Harbour Interior Showrooms was useful for me, as it made me remember what I enjoy about textiles, as well as seeing current trends and how collections are put together. I think it has informed and inspired some of my future work too!


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