Reflection of Term 3

The final term of second year was all about helping third years put up their degree show, and improving our work for the summative deadline.

My buddy who I helped display their work was Kathryn Adams; and it was interesting to work with someone who’s work was quite different to mine. I think we have quite similar personalities – a bit perfectionist and wanting to do everything ourselves! Kathryn decided she would do the finishing touches herself, which I was happy about as I didn’t want to be trusted with them in case something went wrong! I think next year, I’ll struggle to hand over responsibility to my buddy. Being a buddy was a really good experience for me, as I saw how much work needs to go into the final project, and how much attention to detail is needed in the final weeks for everything coming together.

A lot of the time, I was just helping out with small details that needed finishing off within Kathryn’s project, and helping her decide on the layout of her exhibition. Quite a few changes were made, and I’m glad that I saw it happen, so I know to expect that my original plans next year may not be the final outcome. I also learnt that it would be good to be organised and have everything ready with a couple of days to go, to give time for things to be changed around or added. When I wasn’t needed by Kathryn, I asked around to see if any other third years needed any help, and most of the time I managed to find another job to do! It was really satisfying at the end of the process to see everyone’s work up looking amazing! I think it is a very useful process for second years to go through, so we could see how putting up a degree show works in preparation for ours next year.

When it came to my own work, I was pretty happy with the grades I received for my formative assessments, so didn’t really feel the need to improve much of my work. I did some drawings in my sketchbook for the Rajasthan project, and it was really nice to look back over photos again, as I haven’t really done that since February/March time. I still need to finish sorting them into chronological order!

We also had our summative deadline for constellation at the start of the term, which was our dissertation proposals. The grade I achieved was ok, but I know I could have done better by being more organised and not rushing towards the end – I know that I need to improve in that area in all my work. I will be trying hard over the summer to start improving my time management and organisation and stop getting distracted by less important things! I know that by doing this I should get more work done, which will in turn hopefully improve my grades; as I will have more development work to explore and experiment. I am both nervous and excited about next year, but if I sort out my organisation I know that the nervousness levels should go down.


Personal Critique of the Textile Degree Show 2017

After spending some time looking around the degree show, I decided on the two shows I liked the most to critique. I looked around the whole school’s show, and was amazed by everything! Of course, one of my favourite shows was Textiles.

The first show I have chosen to critique is Emma Smith’s.

Critique/comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work:

Without even reading the artist statement, it was obvious that Emma’s collection was inspired by somewhere in East Asia, particularly on the designs that feature buildings. Reading her statement confirmed my thoughts, and I think the intention for use in a bar or restaurant setting is appropriate, as the bright colours may not be so popular in other settings such as a home.

How successfully are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts?

Very successfully! It is so impressive that every single sample has been hand dyed and printed, and an incredible amount of planning and practice dyes must have had to be done. The colours blend well together, even though they are bright, and as I said before; it isn’t difficult to grasp where the designs were inspired from.

What is it about this exhibition that most impresses you?

The boldness and brightness of the colours, as they struck me when I first saw the exhibition; and made me want to look at the designs more closely. Also, the number of samples and how different each design is very impressive.

Briefly evaluate the presentation style of the work:

I love the idea of scattering some of the samples on top of a bigger print, as it makes you want to look closer at those smaller samples. I also like the arrangement of the floor cushions, as the one attached to the wall suggests perhaps that a sofa within a bar/restaurant setting could come from the designs.

The second show I chose to critique is Chloe Trew’s.

Critique/comment on the development of ideas and concepts in this work:

The inclusions of sayings from New York is an interesting thing to do, as I think it would be something that wouldn’t be thought about a lot of the time; most people would focus on the visual memories when they visit a place. You can immediately tell the focus of the collection is New York when you see the map designs – they are a well known image even if you’ve never been.

How successfully are the materials and techniques used to convey the concepts?

The colours used are very successful, as New York is a vibrant, busy city and the colour palette of the collection reflects that. I like that the designs on the back of the piece are interchangeable, so you can swap them around according to what you want to see on a particular day (if it was in your home).

What is it about this exhibition that most impresses you?

Again, the colour really attracted me to Chloe’s exhibition, but it was the stitch work that was really impressive to me! I’m not sure if any was done non digitally, as the stitching was so intricate and complicated, but to take all that time programming on the digital stitch software is impressive!

Briefly evaluate the presentation style of the work:

I really like how the divider is displayed; showing how it would divide a space and making people walk around it to see the back. Chloe used the wall space well too, showing her samples and a couple of wallpapers alongside the divider. The copper piping gave it all a nice finishing Β touch.

How do you perceive the shows, generally?

I think the shows were all very impressive, and much more memorable than last years’! I really enjoyed walking around the whole school and seeing how different each subject is. Even the difference between all the Textiles collections was incredible, and you can see a style from each student.

List three key things you have learnt from what you have seen overall.

  • That a lot of samples are needed for a final collection!
  • Organisation is key.
  • Lots of exploration and experimentation is needed to get a good final collection/result.