Reflection of Term 3

The final term of second year was all about helping third years put up their degree show, and improving our work for the summative deadline.

My buddy who I helped display their work was Kathryn Adams; and it was interesting to work with someone who’s work was quite different to mine. I think we have quite similar personalities – a bit perfectionist and wanting to do everything ourselves! Kathryn decided she would do the finishing touches herself, which I was happy about as I didn’t want to be trusted with them in case something went wrong! I think next year, I’ll struggle to hand over responsibility to my buddy. Being a buddy was a really good experience for me, as I saw how much work needs to go into the final project, and how much attention to detail is needed in the final weeks for everything coming together.

A lot of the time, I was just helping out with small details that needed finishing off within Kathryn’s project, and helping her decide on the layout of her exhibition. Quite a few changes were made, and I’m glad that I saw it happen, so I know to expect that my original plans next year may not be the final outcome. I also learnt that it would be good to be organised and have everything ready with a couple of days to go, to give time for things to be changed around or added. When I wasn’t needed by Kathryn, I asked around to see if any other third years needed any help, and most of the time I managed to find another job to do! It was really satisfying at the end of the process to see everyone’s work up looking amazing! I think it is a very useful process for second years to go through, so we could see how putting up a degree show works in preparation for ours next year.

When it came to my own work, I was pretty happy with the grades I received for my formative assessments, so didn’t really feel the need to improve much of my work. I did some drawings in my sketchbook for the Rajasthan project, and it was really nice to look back over photos again, as I haven’t really done that since February/March time. I still need to finish sorting them into chronological order!

We also had our summative deadline for constellation at the start of the term, which was our dissertation proposals. The grade I achieved was ok, but I know I could have done better by being more organised and not rushing towards the end – I know that I need to improve in that area in all my work. I will be trying hard over the summer to start improving my time management and organisation and stop getting distracted by less important things! I know that by doing this I should get more work done, which will in turn hopefully improve my grades; as I will have more development work to explore and experiment. I am both nervous and excited about next year, but if I sort out my organisation I know that the nervousness levels should go down.


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