A visit to Design Group UK

On Thursday, we visited Design Group UK’s design studios in South Wales. We first went into a room where their Christmas ranges were being displayed. This was interesting to see, as there were multiple themes, as I expected, but for each theme there were then three separate collections. This was because there are three different price points, so one is budget, one expensive and the other sits between the two. The more expensive two collections use more finishes and more complex designs, naturally making it look more luxurious. Seeing this made me think about what price point my collection was going to be for.

We then went on a tour of the studios with Sarah Barker, where we saw mood boards, work in progress and the room where cards get glittered! Seeing the work in progress was really interesting, it was intriguing to see how naturally everyone in the studio seemed to be using the drawing tablets. It was nice to see so much inspiration up around the rooms and we even saw the mini (and very cute) versions of the collections that are sent off around the world!

I think it was very useful to visit the studios as it gave me a sense of what can be done within my collection, and it was helpful to have some questions answered by Sarah and her team.


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