Exposure Week 7 – Collage and Pattern Making

This week I have focused on collaging, looking at shapes in my inspirational images, some from buildings, as well as nature. Some of the collages are to create a background, and others depict something physical, but the shapes in all of them are inspired by Bolivia.

The collages above and the bottom left are inspired by a building I saw in a small town whilst on a trek, which had lots of tiles adorning the outside of the building, in lots of tones of blue. I like how the cut paper looks quite similar to the tiles, as they weren’t perfectly placed in line, and the cut paper emphasises this.

The collage above to the right is also inspired by a trek (called Apolobamba), and includes things that I saw along the way, using photocopies of paintings and drawings in my sketchbook. I like this collage, but I think it could be improved by including other elements like cut/ripped paper. It is very full on because it is compiled completely of drawing and painting, where adding plain blocks of colour could give ‘breaks’ to the eye.

Above and below are some designs that I have taken from some of the collages that I have previously done. The ‘feathers’ design looks good but loses its charm slightly compared to the original collage, which is not so square and has more personality, because of it’s unusual shape. I am going to create some more designs using the collage but I will keep the shape of the original visible. With ‘fabric’, it was difficult to get a perfect repeat, as the background is a collage, not a plain colour but I do like using the collage as a background – I just need to work out how to repeat it properly!

The ‘cats’ design (so-called because the faces that feature are cats that appear in Quechua textiles) loses the impressiveness of the big collage, as there is a lot of detail and when it’s made smaller it’s not as visible, so I think it would work better as a placement print. The stripe comes from sections of a big collage that I did, and I modified the paper parts on Photoshop to create the stripes. I like how the texture comes across in the stripes and it’s started to bring the pink into the collection.


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