Final Updated Card Collection

My final updated cards are a much cleaner and simpler version of what I previously handed in, and I think that they are a lot more sophisticated, tidier and commercial than before.

Dandelion and Bluebell

The dandelion and bluebell designs are a very similar layout to the previous ones, but the hand-cut element gives them more personality and character, even though the shapes and imagery are essentially the same.


Oak and Horse Chestnut

Again, with the tree designs, the layout of them is very similar to the previous designs, but with a cleaner background that makes the eye focus on the design rather than the background.

Hedgehog and Woodmouse

The animal designs have changed more, where I have done entirely new drawings, with the animals in different positions. Because I drew them in a few different positions and angles, it gave me the option to choose what looked best, rather than just going for the first thing that I draw. I am really pleased with these, as I think the designs are a vast improvement on the previous designs. The animals have more character, and seem more alive!

Great Spotted Woodpecker and Chaffinch

I also think that the bird designs have improved, as I did multiple drawings again. The details have been simplified, but you can still tell what sort of bird they are. I really like the simplicity of the whole collection of new designs and the border that ties in with the illustration finishes each card off. Each card has a corresponding envelope with a mark making pattern on the outside, which matches the border design of the card, and this really brings the card collection together and finishes it off.


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