Press Packs

As part of the professional practice part of the module, we have been required to create press packs, which include a CV, postcard and business card.

I am really pleased with how everything in my pack turned out, especially my CV, as I was worried about what I have on it wasn’t enough but I actually struggled to fit it onto one page. I am also really pleased with the postcards, as they look really professional, and I like that the whole group’s matches. However, I wish that I had waited maybe a week later to get my business cards printed, as I think I did it a little too soon, and they don’t quite fit in with the rest of the pack.

As well as the required elements, I also included an invitation to visit my online portfolio (Click here to view!) as well as stickers, and squares of fabric that I had leftover which may help someone remember me!



Another important element of my surface pattern collection is creating colourways – a completely new set of colours to give choice to the customer if they do not like the original colour palette.

The first colourway is quite muted, with a softer feel to it than the original colour palette, and I really quite like it! The soft pinks and blues really tone the colours down, but the texture of collage and oil pastel is still there. These colours would perhaps appeal to someone who wanted a softer, more subtle feel to the collection.

The second colourway is a bit brighter, but still not quite as bright as the original colours. I think that this would perhaps appeal to a more childish market because the colours are quite bright and playful, and they also include all the primary colours. I really quite like the Cholita pattern in this colourway!

CAD Visuals

Towards the end of the module, I created some CAD Visuals, using the displacement map technique. This helps to see what a design would look like on an actual product, giving a ‘real feel’ to the designs.

I am really impressed with my CAD Visuals, as I had pretty much forgotten how to do them! After watching a couple of online tutorials and getting used to the process again, they became better and more realistic, and I think that most of them look very realistic and get across how they would look on products.

Improved Designs

I have worked on improving some of the hero designs I previously made, as some of them were a bit samey. I think that all of these are a great improvement on the previous versions, just by adding some variation in the main motifs.




I also made a new design purely with the Cholita drawings I did. I did so many to get the variation for the design above that it was worth making one with all of them! I love this design, and it is one of the ones that I am most proud of.


Lots of Pattern Making!

In the last couple of weeks, I have been making lots and lots of patterns, as you can see below! I managed to be quite productive over Easter, improving my consultancy module and making lots of patterns! I am very happy with most of these designs, though there are a few that need tweaks here and there. I think I have a good basis for my collection, with lots of coordinating designs working well together.

I really like the llamas! I think that the hero is really nice and is sort of a stripe because of the diamond shape going through the design, and it is nice to replicate that in one of the secondary designs with a similar, less busy ‘stripe’. I really like the two tertiary designs, because of the simplicity of them. Tertiary designs would work well for the back of a cushion or inside of a notebook, as well as the plainer side of a double-sided gift wrap.

I am really pleased with this hero design because using oil pastel was a suggestion made by the external examiner, and it was the first design I created that included any oil pastel. I think it really adds another layer to the design and gives even more options for secondary and tertiary designs. However, I may edit them slightly to give a bit of variation in the Cholita motif.

I love how busy this set of designs feels! The clean cream background lets the eye focus on the pattern, which is very colourful but also feels more delicate, and I think this is because the motifs used here are somehow lighter feeling – I think this is because they are all either just an outline or have a very light colour inside them, along with the light background of course. I also really like the bright red backgrounds, I think that they add a lovely vividness. I was scared of using the red as a background but I am glad that I did!

This group is one of my favourites. I really love the parrots and the cacti, and I think that every motif works together really well, as well as working well by themselves. I love the colour combination and I think that it works well on a light background so that the focus is on the motifs. I really love the bright yellow design in this set, I think that the brightness makes it stand out and I love how different the dots look by themselves compared to in amongst other motifs.

This group focuses more on shapes and geometrics. They are more basic designs but are still effective. I really like the secondary design that has a purple background, which was based on reed umbrellas seen at Lake Titicaca, because each motif fits into the others almost perfectly and the texture of the collage still comes through.

I really like these designs because even though there is only one ‘motif’, they are still very busy and bright with lots going on. However, I think I will improve the two smaller designs, as they don’t repeat.

Placement Prints

I have created a few placement designs, which would work well for use on a cushion, but also notebooks and tote bags etc. The circular ones would work particularly well on round cushions. cface

I am unsure about this particular design, as it is really just a collage (done very early on) stuck onto a plain background.


I really like the map placement, as it was something that I wanted to do from the beginning of the brief after seeing multiple artists create similar imagery. I like the combination of cut paper and oil pastel, but I think that the design overall needs something else, as the map is a bit lost in the red background.


I love this placement! It was done quite early on, and I think it’s one of the first very good designs of the module. It has taken an element of Bolivian culture (Tiwanaku statues) and made something completely new out of it. It’s the perfect ‘Essence’ of Bolivia.